Addie May Hirschten
Artist and Storyteller

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The artist, Addie Hirschten is a painter, storyteller, librarian and writer who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. Through her company, Fantastic Fables, she specializes in programs for public libraries and educational settings. 

*New* For Summer 2017 Library Programs:

Art Folktales
Storyteller Addie Hirschten has recently finished the book "The Alchemy of Art: Stories for the Classroom."  Invite her to your library or school to share stories from this collection of folktales.  These art stories include the Tale of the Muses, Pygmalion and more.  Fits the 2017 ALA Collaborative Summer Reading Program theme, "Build a Better World." For audiences of all ages.  $250 per show.

Art Stories Illustration Workshop
Add this workshop on to the "Art Folktales" program.  Children will illustrate their own story to share with the group in this  workshop.  Supplies Included, 20 Student Limit  $150 per class

Travel expenses:

Add $50. for every 60 miles outside of Indianapolis, Indiana

Book a performance email:  fantasticfables(at)

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